Avenguard: Kingmaker

First Report to Swordlord Senott

Swordlord Senott,

I hope this report finds you in good health. As you requested the following is the first report of the progress made by the exploratory party of the Green Belt, consisting of myself, Rickert of Wilkesmont, Gry, Matchstick Dazzlespark and Torger Ironjaw.

At your suggestion, we joined the caravan or Galvin Sen headed for Oleg’s trading post and completed the journey in a week’s time. Upon our arrival we discovered that banditry was indeed plaguing the locals. The trading post has been regularly raided for several weeks. Oleg claims to have sent for help from Restov some weeks ago, but as none was evidently forthcoming we endeavored to assist him and his wife, Svetlana. The next morning, we confronted the bandits and when negotiations failed, we decapitated their leader, killed another, captured two horses and caused the remainder to flee in terror. We were completely unscathed by the melee.

We then followed the trail of the bandits into the wilderness. We headed south across the plains and along the edge of a forest to the west. We camped for the night and the following morning their trail led to a small stream flowing out of the forest. We followed this stream and found a bandit encampment. Whereupon, we were immediately attacked.

We rendered their archers useless with conjured mist, tied them down with magically compelled roots, rained bombs among them and again decapitated one of them with an enlarged dwarven hammer. This battle was more threatening, and while we took slight injuries, we nevertheless prevailed. One further bandit killed, several badly hurt, one captured and the rest fled.

It is our estimation that this attack should serve as sufficient deterrent to any immediate resumption of banditry from this band. It is our intent to interrogate the prisoner and put an end to his brigandry with a noose. We shall then, having at least partially secured the immediate environs, begin our survey of the surrounding terrain.

Your dedicated servant,
Rickert of Wilkesmont


Donnick petery999

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