Avenguard: Kingmaker

Letter to Home

From Matches

Dear Izarre,

Things are happening! I was really worried this idea of mine would end up being SUPER BORING, like, going to the middle of nowhere, where there’s no one, with a group of strangers, and sit there and look for something not grass and trees, and make a note of everything. But that’s not all it is at all! Its actually been super exciting!

Get this, earlier this week, i sentenced a bad guy! OK, well actually this guy named Torger did, after spending some time having a nice heart to heart chat with him. He was a terrible bandit (Topper that is, not Torger), that we’d captured after wiping out their evil-bandit-base.
I was actually super happy, since i thought we were just bringing him back to our place to, like, hang the guy or something, since one of the only rules that we were sent out here with was, “The sentence for unrepentant banditry is death by hanging,” which was what Ricky was thinking too (he’s my new wizard friend), but Torger was very persuasive (and smart! – i wonder if he’s a lawyer in his off time), and pointed out that that was for unrepentant banditry (which, since this wasn’t Topper’s first act of banditry, we (Ricky and I) were pretty sure he wasn’t very repentant) and, after talking with Torger for a half hour, I admit, Topper did seem very sorry (read: terrified), and he did promise never to rob people again. So that was suitably repentant. So we as a group that apparently upholds the law (a law? I’m sure there’ll be more soon), agreed that we liked this interpretation and officially adopted this first offense leniency rule.

We also got a little information out of him! According to Topper, there’s another, bigger bandit camp, somewhere by a lake to the south of us. And there’s a guy who was his boss, named Hapsbieden, who we met the other day and he got away after he tried to rob my first friends out here (we beat them up and he ran away). Then when we found them again he got away again. He’s really good at getting away apparently. So we’re thinking he may report back to his boss, which is probably not a great thing, but not much we can do about it now.
Then Torger really scared him and cast a spell on him, and said he’d know if he ever went back to his evil ways. And no, I have no idea if it’s true or not, but let’s just say, I don’t plan on getting on Torger’s bad side anytime soon. So then Torger gave Topper a sap (we’d disarmed him when we arrested him (isn’t that super official sounding?!) and he started fast-walking/running away (but in the opposite direction of the bandit camp. So here’s hoping we don’t see him doing bad things around here anymore, because I’d hate to have to hang that guy…

Then, when we got back to the trading post (temporary home sweet home), we were surprised that a few guards had actually arrived! Oleg and Svetlana had said they’d asked for assistance, but we’d all figured they were no shows. Instead they just showed up after the bad stuff went down. Glad we were here for them instead. Anyway, they were supper uppity when we got home, but the ended up letting us in. Their boss’s name is Krestin, and he’s not too happy about being sent to the middle of nowhere either. Hopefully he becomes less of a sourpuss. Eventually we worked out a plan with them. They’ll stay at the fort, and we’ll come and go like we planned to do before they ever got here, and if we find bad stuff, we’ll give them a heads up.
Oh, and there was also a new guy, his name is Jhod, he came with the guards, but isn’t with them- with them. I don’t know much about him yet, maybe i should buy him a drink.
Oh! speaking about drinks, do you remember the smelly drunk guy i mentioned in my first letter? the one that i didn’t think liked me? we found a case of liquor among the bandit stuff, and gave it to the drunk and apologized for talking at him too much. I think it helped! He did suspect it of poison and made me drink some first, but then he accepted it! I think we’re almost-friends now!

So we decided the best thing we can do is explore the area around the trading post, to see if there are any other threats in the immediate vicinity, and then work our way out. So we explored for several days, mostly a lot of prairie grass and hills, and not much else. But then on the 6th day, which was the 2nd after entering some woods, we cane upon some Kobolds and whomped them good! Gry found them first, but we all jumped in to help. We also got some wild, forest radishes out of the deal. When we got home with them, Svetlana was so happy to get them, that she paid us really well for them! We were going to give them to her for free, but hey, I’m a business lady, you don’t turn down good gold if someone wants to give it to you. Anyway, I expect we’ll pick up where we left off and explore some more tomorrow.

Kiss the little sparks for me, and let me know if anyone explodes,



Donnick kaysejean

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