Avenguard: Kingmaker

Matches' Journal Notes

This place is really big. I feel like we’ve been exploring and exploring and barely seeing much of this place at all. I mean, part of it is without Gry, we have to go back to Oleg’s more to resupply, and that eats up days and days.
I wonder if I can hunt with bombs…killing and cooking in one shot, that would save SO much time! I need to tell the others about this, but maybe I should test it first. I’m guessing I’d need a much bigger bomb for larger game…
Anyway, back to last couple days, we were heading back out southeast, and got jumped by a pack of wolves. It was scary, so much so that the horse Ricky and I were riding bolted! He jumped off, which left me to get the horse under control. I would have thought it better for me to jump off and dispatch them, and the big person control the big beast, but he didn’t exactly have time to chat. So who knew, we learned that Ricky is brave. Didn’t see that coming. Anyway, I knew they could handle a few ornery canines, so I did my best to get the scardy-cat horse to stop. Eventually I did, and I brought it back around, bit horses can run really far, really fast when they want to.
I also saw the most gigantic centipede I have ever seen. It crawled thru the trees and pounced! We treated it like the overgrown bug it was. I threw fire at it and Torger squashed it, but not before it almost killed our new cleric friend. That was a close one.
Oh, and there used to be people around here, because someone made a bridge over a river. Unfortunately it was so old that it couldn’t take the weight of the horses (found that out the hard way). So we had most of us cross the bridge, and I took the horses to the beach.
Then we tied them to a long rope, tossed the rope over, and they had to swim for it. The current was tricky, and a few of the horses had trouble, but in the end we all got over. I’m voting for finding another way overon the way back, or give me a week with a crew and all the lumber I’d need.
Oh, and I got rained on! It was wet and miserable.
That brings us up to tonight, we’re camped near a great big tree, but it looks like its seen better days. We found a tunnel by its roots, and it big enough for people. I wonder if someone lives down there? I want to find out. It’s been awhile since we’ve met nice people. I think we’ll introduce ourselves tomorrow. And I suppose it’s possible it won’t be people, but giant termites or something, but I hope not.


Donnick kaysejean

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