Avenguard: Kingmaker

Travel, Progression, and Success Report

For the perusal of High Inquisitor Stonespear:

Per Inquisition standard operating procedure, I arrived in Restov two days prior to the scheduled meeting with Eris Senott, Swordlord. Nothing appeared to be amiss within Restov, just a small town with typical small town problems: missing shipments, bandits, and the like. It was nothing that I became too concerned about.

On the day of the meeting, I woke early, and took up a post to see who else had meetings with the Swordlord prior to me. There was a well requisitioned group that arrived, and was quickly ushered through the gate. Additionally, there were 3 others that came to call on the Swordlord’s estate that morning. Two female gnomes, arriving separately, the first with bright hair dyed red, the second that arrived with a wild wolf that she left outside, and finally a human that looked as if they had heard too many stories about wizards and wanted to do everything he could to “look the part.”

Shortly before the appointed time of the meeting, I approached the gate and was brought to into a room to wait for the Swordlord. It was just my luck that the group I was assigned to was not the well requisitioned and experienced group, but the ragtag group of the two gnomes and stereotypical wizard. After a fair bit of waiting, Eris Senott graced us with his presence and explained to us the reason for the meeting. It seems that he wanted us to explore an area to the south and west of Restov, an area known as the Green Belt. Not much is known about the area, outside of the presence of a trading post in the northern part run by a man named Oleg. Swordlord Senott also acknowledged that he was sending out multiple groups on similar missions, although not all to the same areas. To aid us in travel, he mentioned there was a merchant that was heading toward Oleg’s trading post, and that we could likely travel with him. Protection in greater numbers would benefit us against the bandits that supposedly grew more bold the further from civilization they were. After a good night’s rest, we headed out toward the Green Belt.

The journey was expected to take about a week, and there were two settlements along the way where we could stop overnight: Nivotkas, and Fort Sorrento. Both were pretty small settlements, and I could gather no information of value, besides news of bandits and the like. This did not take me by surprise. Speaking with the merchant, we found out his name was Galvin Sen. He was a small trade merchant, generally carrying general supplies, but he did mention that occasionally he would come across more specialized items. Also travelling with us was an old and rough looking human that was drunk or sleeping every time I saw him. He was not very talkative, but his eyes betrayed that he was much more alert than his inebriated state would suggest. I would do well to keep my eye on him.

Our travels to the trading post were boringly uneventful. The bandits of the area likely did not want to deal with a group of 4 travelling with a merchant (and his sleepy, drunk guard).

Upon arriving at Oleg’s trading post, we were greeted by his wife Svetlana. She seemed to be apathetic toward us arriving, but her expression turned to worried when we asked if we could stay the night. It seems that there was a bandit group that had been harassing them weekly, taking all of their wares and leaving them with nothing. That group was due to arrive the following morning.

During our meeting, Swordlord Senott was very clear. Unrepentant banditry was against the law, punishable by death. The choice in this matter was clear. We were going to help out Oleg and Svetlana, and convince the bandits to turn their attentions elsewhere, or they would be dealt with in swift and violent fashion.

The following morning, the bandits arrived right on cue. After some verbal jousting, they decided to make things physical. We had set up defenses and come up with a plan. Gry (the gnome with the wolf) threw an entangle spell over all of the bandits, trapping a number of them. The wizard, Rickert, used an Enlarge Person spell on me, doubling my size. This turned out to be very handy, as it’s not every day that you see an 8 foot tall dwarf standing in the doorway of a trading post that you’ve just come to rob. Matches (the other gnome), also threw some sort of incendiary device into the middle of the bandits, which exploded in a ball of fire. After the dust settled, a couple of the bandits had fled back whence they came, and another two had perished. That should send a message that banditry would no longer be tolerated in the Green Belt.


Donnick crnelson79

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