Rickert of Wilkesmont

Human Conjurer


Human of Taldan stock. Average height and weight. White skin with a hint of bronze. Light brown eyes and hair. Hair is shoulder length with a scraggly beard which will look very dignified in a few decades. When in the field he wears a practical linen shirt and trousers under a heavy dark blue cloak. When not out adventuring he wears a blue cotton robe. He is never without his staff and large wide-brimmed wizard hat.

Rickert is quiet but cheerful and friendly. He is dedicated and hard-working but can be a bit of a workahaulic forgetting to take care of things other than what he is focused on. A bit of a traditionalist, he prefers things to be in proper order and dislikes changes to his routine. He is normally very calm and collected but when angered he becomes very blunt and aggressive but it takes a lot to push him that far.


Rickert is the younger son of simple workers from the small town of Wilkesmont in the River Kingdoms. His father was a stonemason and his mother a baker. He has an older brother named, Griggs. About 12 years ago, Griggs started developing sorcerous powers and saw this as his ticket out of hicksville. Griggs left to become an adventurer while Rickert stayed behind to help their aging parents. A few years went by and Rickert’s parents passed away peacefully. He had no natural magical ability like his brother and didn’t particularly care to become a stonemason so he sold the family home and begged the wizard Logan, who lived in a small tower nearby, to take him as apprentice. Logan agreed and began to teach the youth. However, apprenticeship to a grumpy old wizard isn’t exactly glamorous. Rickert spent his days toiling away at chores and his nights reading and practicing while Logan barely spoke to him. Ten years went by this way, while he was never directly abused or hurt he certainly has no fondness for his time as an apprentice. Rickert is nothing if not stubborn and he grimly bore the toil and looked forward to inspiring letters from Griggs. Now with his time as a student behind him, Rickert looks to make a name for himself and become a great enough wizard to found his own academy and give a new generation of wizards a better education than he had.

Rickert of Wilkesmont

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