Torger Ironjaw

Dwarf Inquisitor of Torag


The youngest of 6 children, Torger Ironjaw would never own the family Blacksmith’s shop, a fact that was not lost on the rest of his family. Because of this, Torger was often ignored and let to fend for himself. Being the constantly picked on by his older siblings, Torger learned to fend for himself by quick wit, sarcasm, and often times anger driven cruelty.

When he came of age, Torger was inserted into the training program to become a soldier, however his anger soon disqualified him from completing his training. Disturbed, he turned towards the faith to find answers. Torag was very important to his family, historically being a family of smiths. In fact, it was Torger’s name-sake. The church took him in, training him to be an acolyte of the faith, much like his 3rd and 4th brothers.

After 5 years of acolyte’s training (and many anger related incidents), Torger was called before the high priest. Watching Torger’s progress from afar, the high priest had noted his sharp mind, combined with his propensity for anger. The high priest recommended to Torger that he move to the Kalistocracy of Druma to futher his training as an Inquisitor.

In Druma, he learned to control and channel his anger. The high inquisitor instilled in him the mantra of “Quick, Decisive, Correct.” This meant that he was to make his judgements quickly, be decisive on the action, but most of all be correct in the execution of the judgement.

After 15 years of training to become an Inquisitor, he was blessed by the High Inquisitor to go out into the world to uphold the laws and faith of Torag.

Torger Ironjaw

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