Due to the nature of the campaign, there are many instances where we need to worry about travel. This page is dedicated listing out the most common distances we will be using.

Traveling (Time to cross 1 hex)

Party SpeedPlainsAll Other Terrains
15 feet11 hours16 hours
20 feet8 hours12 hours
30 feet5 hours8 hours
40 feet4 hours6 hours
50 feet3 hours5 hours

Restov to Oleg’s (source)

Restov to Oleg’s – 90mi
20mi – Restov → Nivakta’s Crossing
24mi – Nivakta’s Crossing → Fort Serenko
46mi – Fort Serenko → Olegs

Normal Travel time
Cart / Walking speed 20ft | 2mi/hr | 16 mi/day

Restov → Nivakta’s Crossing
Travel: 1 day [usually]
Trading: 1~2 days

Usually tries to push that first day. If possible, makes it there in one day. May have to camp early.

Nivakta’s Crossing → Fort Serenko
Travel: 1.5 days [Doesn’t really push it]
Trading: 1~2 days

Fort Serenko → Oleg’s Trading Post
Travel: 3 days [a little under, but it works out about 3 days]
Trading: 2 ~ 3 days

Trading: 2 ~ 3 days

Full Trip From Olegs to Restov and Back.
17 – 23 days round trip.


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