Avenguard: Kingmaker

A letter that will never be sent

The inbetween time from death to life after

These last few weeks with my new companions and, dare I say it, friends, have been interesting. The explosive gnome, the eager human mage and the stern dwarf are an odd mix. They have allowed me to lead an interesting end of life. We’ve explored new areas and met different characters that have reminded me why I love people. I am grateful to the druid grove not only for what they taught me, but for sending me away to be a druid for the people. I had been hiding away for far too long.

My last moments in the world were difficult. I watched my surrogate daughter, Snow, attempt to protect and defend me to the last, which ended her life. That gutted me. I did not throw my life away. I do not want anyone to think I chose to die because my life was over. While I knew I would have a difficult road returning from that grief from past experience, I also knew that I would eventually make it. I also learned from the druids that death is a part of life.

No, I chose to live my life as best as I could serve my companions. I hope they are able to continue their quest.

My new days in this new ‘after-world’ are awaiting me.

(The first moments/days in the after.)

When I arrived, everyone who had gone before me was there. My husband, my daughter, my Snow, Snow’s mother, and others. Snow’s mother and I were able to converse in ways I didn’t know were possible. Because we are both at peace, there was no anger, just forgiveness and understanding. I understand the way of reincarnation. I realize that we all will be sent back in different forms for different tasks. But for now, I am at peace. I am content. I am able to hold my girls, gnome and wolf, and feel safe.



Donnick dimsey

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