Avenguard: Kingmaker

Second and Third Reports to Swordlord Senott

Swordlord Senott,

Greetings from the exploratory party of the Green Belt. I am pleased to report that we have discovered a vein of GOLD a short distance from Oleg’s trading post.

We, Rickert of Wilkesmont, Gry, Matchstick Dazzlespark and Torget Ironjaw, request the right to stake a claim to this discovery under your authority. We eagerly await your reply and in the intervening time we shall explore the region around the site to determine how dangerous the surrounds are.

Your dedicated servant,
Rickert of Wilkesmont

P.S. In the future, would it be acceptable to send such missives via an animal messenger such as a hawk? Gry is capable of this magic but we did not wish to risk a breach of etiquette.

Swordlord Senott,

It is my solemn duty to report the death of one of our group.

Gry and her wolf companion were slain by a shambling mound which attacked our camp while we investigated the area around the discovery. The monster appears to have been awoken after a group of boars began to make noise nearby. It immediately seized the wolf and Gry died valiantly attempting to free her companion. The rest of the party fought off the boars and attempted to extract Gry from the tendrils of the beast. Torger nearly died himself attempting to distract it, while Matches and I brought the mounts to escape.

It is our intent to continue our investigations in the area despite this grievous loss. We are all fully aware of the danger present in this work and our resolve is unbroken.

Your grieving servant,
Rickert of Wilkesmont

P.S. you may now disregard the previous post script.


Donnick petery999

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