XP Log

Welcome to the XP log.

Here will be a rolling total of gained XP. This campaign uses the Medium Pathfinder XP Track.

LevelXP NeededLog Post XP Gains

Current XP Totals

Grand Total XP:63,160 xp
PC XP Total:15,094 xp
Total Hexes Explored:41

Session 1

XP from Encounters: 3,125xp
Post: Travel, Progression, and Success Report
120xp (Awesomely Done)

Total per character: 781xp

Session 2

XP from Encounters: 1,375xp
Post: First Report to Swordlord Senott
120xp (Bravo!)

Total per character: 374xp

Session 3

XP from Encounters: 2,420xp
Post: Letter to Home
120xp (So in character, beautiful)

Total per character: 605xp

Session 4 – 6

XP from Encounters: 8,380xp
Post(s): Second and Third Reports to Swordlord Senott & A letter that will never be sent – 475xp

Total per character: 2,095xp

Session 7 – Mite Murder!

Total: 4735xp
XP from Encounters: 4,735xp
Post(s): Calendar – 500xp

Total per character: 1,184xp

Session 8 (Travel and meeting Faeries)

Total: 2200xp
XP from Encounters: 2200xp

Total Per character: 550xp

Session 9 (Finishing downtime and exploration)

Total: 2,400xp
XP from Encounters: 2,300xp
Post(s) (update): Calendar – 100xp

Total Per character: 600xp

Session 10 (Exploration + Corrupted temple)

Total: 2440xp
XP from Encounters: 2,300xp

Total Per character: 610xp

Session 11, 12, 13 (Stag Lord Keep)

Total: 10,145xp
Per Character: 2540xp

Session 15, 16, 17 (Year 1 Kingdom Building)

Kingdom Building thus far

Total: 14,000Per Character: 2,800

Session 18, 19 (Back into the world!)

Total: 11,820
Per Character: 2,955

XP Log

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